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Dr Hanna Segal: Psychoanalyst who was inspired by Melanie Klein and contributed hugely to the field of cultural studies.
Hanna Maria Poznanski, psychoanalyst: born Lodz, Poland 20 August 1918; married 1946 Paul Segal (died 1996; three sons); died 5 July 2011.
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Christiaan Hofman
I am sure Dr. Hanna Segal was a lovely lady - devoted to caring for her family and underlined by a charming and heart-tugging picture.
But it really is astonishing how a life long (one-sided?, uncritical?) devotion to this debunked pseudo-science can still be lauded in such high tones. The psychoanalyists - regardless of whether they followed Melanie Klein, Freud or Bruno Bettelheim got it all wrong and hurt a lot of innocent kids and parents in the process.
A+ for being a nice old lady, D for being a critical scientist.
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